The Flower trends you need to know about for your wedding

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The Flower trends you need to know about for your wedding

If you’re getting married, there’s no doubt you’ll be taking note of every little detail you see during this year’s wedding season. But, when it comes to your wedding flowers, what are the top flower trends to know about ?

No matter what time of year you choose to get married, choosing seasonal wedding flowers is a great way to highlight the time of year.

With couples throwing wedding traditions out the door, pale pink, blush and taupe flowers are increasingly replacing classic white blooms as a bride’s wedding flower of choice.

Fragrant garden roses, stocks and sweet peas (in whimsical and rustic shades) are some of the most popular summer blooms set to appear in a big way next year.

The peony is a timeless wedding flower that’s always a popular bouquet. As a very versatile flower, peonies can be crafted into bouquets that suit any style of wedding, from very formal affairs to rustic garden parties.

But if your wedding is later in the year, then beautiful alternatives include dahlias (for late summer) or ranunculus (for winter and spring).

Flower Crowns
There’s a trend for boho brides choosing big, bright, bold flower crowns or woodland-themed foliage crowns in place of the traditional tiara.

Beautiful flower halos can be crafted to suit every style of wedding, from simple and sophisticated to quirky and chic and match with the wedding flowers.

If you’re going for this look, it’s important to choose the hardiest blooms that won’t wilt easily – orchids, freesias and spray roses are all safe options.

Flowers, right now are so much more than just your wedding bouquet. More and more brides are turning to single flower choices or unique combinations of fluffy romantic blooms packed with silvery wild foliage for wedding decor, hair accessories, adorning reception tables and dressing place cards including wreaths, forest garlands, dramatic flower walls and entwined archways creating the most idyllic ceremony settings.

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